sometimes there's bullshits that dont work now

sometimes there’s bullshits that just dont work

1 month since the last blog post. can’t even remember how the storm was like.

Ban ron den muc cha con thoi gian de reflect hay de ma dau voi buon nua. Moi lan nuoc mat chuc ua ra thi lai co viec gi do de lam, co mot ai khac do de quan tam.

Minh da bien cuoc song cua minh thanh mot guong quay qua nhanh va minh khong thoat ra khoi nua, va minh cung chang muon thoat ra.

Lai them mot moi quan he nua over. Cha hieu sao nghe may cai nhac club lai kieu bi nostalgic. Suy cho cung, no cung chang phai 1 cai gi sau sac den the. intensive, yes. sau sac thi khong. du de cho minh thinh thoang phai suy nghi va tiec; nhung khong du de minh khoc hay take any action.

Thang 10 den roi. thang 10 nhieu viec ghe. thang 10 , nhieu thu phai hoan thanh. nhieu du dinh neu khong lam xong se dang do.

tam biet blog nhe, tao lai lao vao cong viec day.

ma tao quen password roi. chac hnao fai ngoi copy lai het blogpost de phong cai blog nay bi mat.

— 2 years ago

Reading Kafka on the shore.

Have just finished chapter 21..

Feeling hard to breathe..

Properly I should stop trying to appear Deep…this is too much..

I think I will just give up the’s too powerful and overwhelming.

— 2 years ago
we don’t need to say goodbyes, because we never started

Read several articles on HBR, taking notes, crammed with ideas and plans, excited about implementing things.

then turned on a Love Song list just to make sure I can go to sleep easily and ended up being so emotional..

I am so scared I am on my own and don’t even know how these things will lead me.

I am scared by this world of old norms I can’t fit in..

and letting you go.

I guess, we met just to part away :)

— 2 years ago
LEAD session - IC 2012


Looking at your life 7 days,7months, 7 years;what would you be doing?

Who have contributed to who you are now. what did they do

What makes you special. what makes you different.

— 2 years ago
it’s not goodbye

Got so emotional today saying goodbye to the guys :(

It’s not goodbye.

I’ll see you, every of you soon…

— 2 years ago
13th, Aug

I think I found you.

Just a little bit sad knowing you think I look like sort of a party girl. (Well maybe yes).

I just like you so soo much..

— 2 years ago

“I’m tired of living unable to love anyone. I don’t have a single friend - not one. And, worst of all, I can’t even love myself. Why is that? Why can’t i love myself? It’s because I can’t love anyone else. A person learns how to love himself through the simple acts of loving and being loved by someone else. Do you understand what i am saying? A person who is incapable of loving another cannot properly love himself.”

— 2 years ago

that awkward moment when you figured out you had made out with a son of a bitch.

— 2 years ago
wish I were a Christian

I have just totally fucked up. Can’t sleep.

I feel I cant even forget myself. Wonder if things would be easier if I had someone to confide..sort of every single thing that I screwed up.

I failed to be there for her when she needed me the most. I became inaccessible on purpose just to run away from responsibility. I really should go to hell. Really.

I hooked up with the guy my friend likes. That’s not cool.

I failed to be there for my family.and failed to prioritize them.

I should go to hell.

I’ve been tearing myself..

— 2 years ago
Turning 21st

Having quite a headache brainstorming things to do before I turn 21.

Now I am making a list

1. Hang out with all of the besties (in Hanoi)

2. Do a photo-shoot with something cool (havent thought of)

3. Ask a person to go on a date <3

4. Make a random phone call telling a friend I love you

5. Record an Honest video (for myself)

6. Buy myself a new pair of earings

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talking to NS.

how desperate we are lol

— 2 years ago

I was so happy we had met..

It was the age of no regrets..

— 2 years ago

Hom nay di bo trong mua cam thay that la pathetic. Dien bien tam ly phuc tap vai.

Luc dau thay cung hay hay,kieu excited vi thay ai cung bi chet may roi dat bo nhu minh =) cam giac cuoc song nhu cham lai, va thay co thoi gian de ngam nghi va nhin ngam moi thu xung quanh. Cuoc doi cung con nhieu nguoi tot, co khoang 3, 4 nguoi gi do di ngang qua offer giup minh sua xe nhg ma kha la vo vong lol.

Xong di duoc 1 tieng thi bat dau met. Chuyen qua cam thay tui than va met moi. Quyet dinh nap tien dien thoai de update facebook. Do danh ba dien thoai va dinh goi dien cho 1 nguoi.Xong lai thoi. Moi thu chi nen dung o do thoi. Sau do con be Theresa nhan tin, the la minh goi dien than van voi no lol.

Roi bo minh goi dien, bao la gui xe o cho nao di roi bat taxi ve nha roi den nha hang an sinh nhat bo.Cam giac tui than tang cao. Bay gio minh lon that roi, moi thu deu phai lo chu khong nhu hoi xua. Bay gio bo me chi co the ho tro tinh than qua dien thoai thoi. Di bo khoang 500m thi tim dc cho gui xe. Nhung tuong bat duoc taxi thi khong co 1 cai taxi hay xe om nao, the la ended up di bo luon ve nha. Ve duoc den ngo thi lai co 1 anh taxi di ngang qua bao la anh y cho cho. Vay la nguoi uot nhep den nha hang an uong tung bung.

Ve nha tam nuoc nong.

Nhung luc the nay co nguoi tam su chia se cung thich nhi.

Nhung thoi m fai di lam viec cai da hehe

— 2 years ago
untitled 2

having a crushhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa=.=

— 2 years ago
ghi nhanh

Hom nay o nha gan nhu ca ngay dau het ca dau vi thang chau cu la het lien tuc, ma no con cha theo minh chu,buc that.

Buoi chieu di tham ong Tu. Khong ngo la moi co may thang ma ong lai gay den muc nhu the..thoi gian song cua ong cung chang duoc bao lau.

Luc buoc vao phong tham ong, tu nhien ong nhin minh va cuoi bao

"chau dang lam rat tot. Nhung moi thu deu co cai nguong cua no, dung bao gio coi nhe suc khoe cua minh"

Nuoc mat trao ra vi thuong ong va vi cam dong.

Tu nay se di ngu luc 12h va day luc 7h !!!

Xong hom nay di den tan truong cao dang in de day lop phat am. Cac em deu rat de thuong, co em con goi minh la co xung em  = )) Coi chung co em con gia hon minh y chu. Hi vong la cac em se dang ki hoc chinh thuc = ))

Con 2 ngay nua la ve BDDDDDDDDD roi hihi

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